Are you ready for some mind fuckery?
Making a mockery
Of what you call sanity.
Delusions or vanity,
Give me your attention.
Explore my invention.
Engage in a suspension
Of reality.

[Join me]

Forever following
The rabbit hole down,
So deep you think you’ll drown;
Only to have found
What can tantalize,
What can astound.
Whatever I fantasize,
I can manifest;
Whatever I choose,
My plan is best
Suited for those unpolluted
By the need
To be right.

Plead for light in the middle of the night.
Deny what is plainly in sight;
For what you see,
Might not always be
What you get.

There’s always a reward for those who don’t quit-
But carefully, because too much of anything can make you sick-
Breathe and try to not make your decisions so quick.
Ready for next time?
See ya later, slick.

A personality of mine named Jasper wrote this for our collective and specifically our primary personality, HM, on 8/22/2019.

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