No Take-Backs; No Trade-Ins.

I'm 4 years old
And keep coughing
From a cold
Where it seems nothing
Could stop me.

Mucus slips
Down my throat
And drips
To coat
Inside my lungs.
It’s late at night,
But only just begun.
It’s not a pretty sight,
And it’s not at all fun.

You pick me up as I sleep.
Together through the house we creep,
Until we reach the living room,
Illuminated by the moon.

You grab a ragtime quilt
That your mother made
For you;
And I remember how it felt
On my skin- the seams frayed-
And the warm softness of your body, too.

Though I remember the seams
Felt just a little rough,
It seems
That I was comfortable enough
To receed into dreams;
Fully ensnared
By the comfort you shared,
Softly melting into your arms there,
That this is how it feels
For someone to care.

Snuggled together on the recliner
Meant the world to me,
Even if it seemed minor. 
It was exactly
What I needed,
Beneath the same blanket
Both of us seated
I know I've said thanks, yet
I feel like it should be repeated.

When crushes left me broken hearted,
And friends were so mean,
When the symptoms started
And in my years as a teen,
You were by my side through it all;
Cheering my wins
And catching my falls.

One day we were talking,
I said 
"I know you love me,
But do you like me... as a person?"
You seemed to find it shocking:
My dread,
Afraid to be ugly,
My face uncertain.

Your instinct was to hold me,
Keeping me close, you told me,
I love you so much;
Even if I could return you, 
I wouldn’t do it.
You bless
Every life you touch
We’re not perfect, but we’re going to learn to
Love you through it.
No take-backs;
No trade-ins."

Just like when I was sick,
You supported my dreams.
Whether we were thin or thick,
We were on each other’s teams.

I am grateful to be blessed
With the best
Mom I could ever hope for.
I wouldn’t ask for any less or more
Because she is the woman I most adore.

Thank you for being my Mommy;
When I was blind to myself you saw me,
With a gaze of love and affection,
Offering me wisdom and protection,
Proud of me to be your reflection;
Even when I lashed out with rejection,
Because I didn’t know how to handle my depression.
You’re always open to connection.

We're on different paths, but growing in the same direction.
There have been bumps in the road, but our journey is perfection.

I’m so grateful to have spent my life with you; 
And I’m looking forward to spending the rest together, too.

We are both still growing
As we both keep going,
Driven by our personal facts:
Love wins.
No take backs;
No trade ins.

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Writer of poetry, dark fiction, and social commentary; Reading and writing about the human experience.

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