Nautical Belonging

The ocean appears in many hues
Sometimes varying shades of blues,
Sometimes deep as wine,
Oh, so divine.
Sometimes green
Like you have ever seen,
Sometimes dazzling aquamarine,
But today
It is a warm gray.
This deep, transparent charcoal
Mesmerizing, hypnotizing,
Has me under its control.
Contrasted against the white
Waves’ foam so bright,
I just might
Stay here all night.
My spirit soars,
Like the many-a birds taking flight.
My mind adores
The thrill when no land's in sight.
The constant movement
Beneath and all around me
Is an improvement
From the stagnation that used to surround me.
There is a natural attunement
That astounds me.
I long for the waters who sent
The calling for my heart and found me.
Clouds of all textures
Laze about in the sky.
My inner monologue lectures
As I ponder why:
Why is there such beauty in this monochromatic abyss?
Why am I so captivated by the ocean mist's kiss?
Why can I not spend most days doing this?
Why is the rocking that causes sickness
To some folks a current that I miss?
Why do I feel as though the ocean is my ancient mother?
Why do we humans pollute and destroy its health as if there's another?
Why do we not recognize this Loving Leviathan- when can I again, return? Learn
With the depth, breadth, and width to encompass life,
To create life,
To soften and seep into the rigidity of earth's stone,
To nourish and enable greater existence to flourish,
To create the rain that allows all that has grown
To exist
To persist,
Who could resist
The magnificence
And resilience?
Why are we surprised to reap what we have sown?
Why do we balk at the consequences when we are the ones to forsake and disown?
Why do we deny and continue to exploit then bemoan
The ripple effects from what we condone?
Why is it that I never feel alone
And that writing this poem is the only time I look at my phone?
Because for some reason the ocean captivates me;
Is my sanctuary
When land life exasperates me
To which I say thank you very
For allowing me.

5:38pm 7/15/2020

Photo by Caleb George on Unsplash




Creative Entrepreneur. Writer of poetry, dark fiction, & my neurodivergent perspectives.

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H.M. Loving

H.M. Loving

Creative Entrepreneur. Writer of poetry, dark fiction, & my neurodivergent perspectives.

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