Have you spent time with Molly?
If so,
You prolly
How she can ease many-a folly
Of men:
Unwilling to let burdens go,
Unwilling to let a moment develop slow,
Unwilling to let vulnerabilities show,
But when
I’m hangin’ with her,
We’re replenished in places we once withered.
She knows how to pick you up-
Nice and gentle-
Fill your cup,
And reprieve your mental
And blocks.

Oh, she glows
Vibrant in our talks;
Down to my toes,
When we go on walks.
She reminds me of rainbows
When the world's busy throwing rocks.

Good golly, Miss Molly
Is at it again.
If ever you want to call me,
I’ll be a friend.
She has lots of places to be;
With lots of folks who’d appreciate her company,
And I would rather spend
Time with folks who enjoy rolling
More than controlling;
Far beyond patrolling
For a distraction;
My preference is with folks who practice love as an action,
Folks who enable others to pursue their passion,
Because the disciples of Molly,
And the experiences we believe in,
Will not be leavin’;
For we carry with us
The legendary kisses
From that lovely Missus,


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Writer of poetry, dark fiction, and social commentary; Reading and writing about the human experience.

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