His brow is intense,

But his eyes are kind.

A specific captivation

That will not relent;

One look away,

From leaving the world behind.

As clouds drift

With abandon

And leisure through the sky,

He weaves himself

In and out of my mind.

When he is there,

It's like an ocean current:

All consuming and swift;

But I am released

As I wave goodbye,

For I would never

Wish to hold what I love

Too tightly-

Never keep them confined.

I am ill prepared,

And I don't care

Whether I am,

Or if I weren't

There is no action,

Or lack of,

To be a deterrent;

Because life is a journey.

It is impossible to be unaffected.

So if my feet will already be wetted,

I might as well make a splash;

Make memories

That I will hold dearly,

And cherish,

For as long as they last.

And what I will remember:

The kind eyes that look into my soul,

And reflect a magnificent infinity,

Unseen by the very irises that hold

Such unadulterated divinity.

I'll remember running my mouth

And wondering how

I managed to get my foot in

With all the outpouring stream

Of consistently scrambled thought.

I'll remember a guitar out of tune,

As I imagine

Hearing it strum in perfection

Some future afternoon.

I'll remember a toothy grin

Full of pearly whites,

And the best fucking conversations

Where every other fucking word

Is fucking fuck

On any topic that fucking excites.

I'll remember a great friend

Who immediately resonated with me.

I'll remember looking to the future

And hoping

That's where he'll be;

Hoping he won't forget me,

Hoping he will remember the girl

Who was "interesting."

I'll remember how I would feel

The best kind of flustered;

A gentle flutter

With a teasing blush;

But content and satisfied

Whenever I'd hear you say my name;

Whenever I'd see you,

And your intense eyebrows.

I'll remember writing progressively


Impressive poetry;

Trying to pass the time,

And not worry

Because you're like 2 hours late,

But I can wait.

Patience is a virtue;

Especially when

You are just as far in

As you'll ever be out.

And I will let myself sway.

I will hope you choose to stay;

Content to compliment,

Hoping to not send the wrong message,

But also hoping you would reciprocate

The not so hidden implications.

I feel like I should be confused,

or overwhelmed,

But I'm not;

And it's nice.

I'll wait contentedly;

Letting you ease back and forth

In my consciousness;

Allowing myself the indulgence to adore.

At the end of the tunnel,

I'll find the Light;

Or maybe discover

I emerged into the night;

But I'll keep going,

Living in the now-

Nothing less,

Nothing more-

Because intense eyebrows

Are worth waiting for.

Heather Marie Bontrager 12/19/2013

Writer of poetry, dark fiction, and social commentary; Reading and writing about the human experience.

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