Is the most delicious sensation,
But sometimes it so subtlety lingers,
That you only recognize it was there
After it ebbs from the tips of your fingers.
Sometimes it is fleeting;
Knocks you off your feet with its greeting.
And it leaves you frantically searching for a pen,
So that you don’t forget when the block sets in… Again.
Inspiration may come from within
Or it may come from a friend.
A Taylor Swift look-alike with stitched on wings,
Or a man with intense eyebrows who may or may not be able to imagine the joy he brings.

Inspiration is the lift after the crescendo of a kiss;
Where every emotion swims inside of you,
As if you are an ocean of bliss;
It is looking into their eyes
And being surprised,
Because they were good,
And the whole night was better than I ever thought it could.

Inspiration is writing this
Rambling poem waiting for you to call.

Inspiration is being brave enough to express yourself;

Despite society preferring you to maintain
Concrete walls that shatter the reality of The All.
So I think I’ll call you-
Maybe I’ll get inspired too.

Heather Marie Bontrager 12/19/2013

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Photo by @AaronBurden on Unsplash

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Writer of poetry, dark fiction, and social commentary; Reading and writing about the human experience.

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