Squirrels bark a hazy, unintimidating growl,
While hummingbirds chitter merrily out of sight.
Late November is known for weather that is dreary and foul;
but today the sun shines warm and bright.
Animals are fluffing up for the winter:
Their dens, their fur, their wiggly body fat.
Those flocking South and settling down beginning to splinter
from one another, the birds, rodents, and neighborhood cats.

We humans are no different,
Primping and prepping for the season-
We are animals after all-
Liking to think ourselves advanced in intelligence and temperament,
Whilst verbally and emotionally assaulting one another over the “true” reason
For the obligatory festivities, traditions, and calls.

“My freedom of religion is being impeded upon because not everyone agrees with me!
There’s a war on Christmas because companies are trying to be more inclusive to minorities!
The shock! The fear! The audacity!
Because my beliefs are right and the only ones that matter, so my feelings and beliefs should be the priorities!”
No, not every Christian proactively perpetuates this narrative,
But the silent enabling is more than declarative.
Throughout history, Christianity has been the most destructive religion by any objective comparison,
Especially when contrasted against the pagans they stole their holidays from.
My perspective is biased, this is true,
But do not mistake my criticism and cynicism to be misconstrued.

I believe every human is born with inherent value,
Whether you hold Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish, Hindi, Christian, pagan, or indigenous beliefs,
Whether you are agnostic, atheistic, or antitheistic, we can all bring relief.
No matter our differences, we all can understand one another through our suffering and grief.
2020 has been a series of dumpster and wild fires, then rebuilding from the ashes for most.
Pandemic, civic unrest, human rights atrocities, politicians making a mockery of our democracy,
In addition to personal tragedies and climate crises around the world and coast to coast.

But I have also seen humanity’s excellence surging forward:
Kindness, compassion, intelligence, resilience, innovation, and creation
As our collective moves toward
Surviving and reuniting after the devastation,
Through the climax of corruption and destruction,
We learn and we grow,
There is still much work to be done, I know,
But watching nature recover persistently, albeit sometimes slow,
Reminds me that in this time when our focus is to share and give,
Amidst the pandemonium, loving ourselves, each other, and our home world is imparative.

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Photo by ATC Comm Photo from Pexels

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Writer of poetry, dark fiction, and social commentary; Reading and writing about the human experience.

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