My heart is broken
For the brokenness of our systems;
Politicians play games,
Vilifying the outspoken,
Convincing us we are victims,
Manipulating us so
The status quo
Remains the same.

One side condemns government as bad;
Claiming we can’t allow them the power
To actually make a difference
That would benefit all;
Because of their slippery slope logical fallacies,
And scarcity mindset;
Believing they will have to sacrifice if others are liberated
From the suffering they endure,
Yet seem to forget
That they continue to elect these bad-actors.

The other side is glad
To cower
Behind their facade of deference
For the working class,
Yet never get off their ass
To answer a difficult call.
They turn a blind eye to travesties
So their side will be the winning bet.
They prioritize themselves- by what they’ve demonstrated-
Perpetuating poverty and detrimental social structures to ensure
Top-dollar donations, yet don’t fret
Over The People’s needs as deciding factors.

Two sides of the same coin,
Both assuring themselves they are in the right,
Whether they lean right,
Or center.
We cut off our nose
To spite our face,
And blame the other side
For our disfigurement.

Some call it blasphemous treason
To suggest we all join
Together and reduce our indulgence of the impulse to fight;
When a hand feeds us, maybe try to not bite;
Maybe not decry theft,
Or claim to be the victim of a tormentor,
While you reap the benefits of what tax dollars sows.
Maybe we should base
Our policies in data-driven evidence that is verified,
So we don’t continue anguishing in the same predicament.

What is the reason
For us to be crabs in a bucket?
Why tear each other down back into captivity?
“We may lose, but if they do too, then fuck it.”
Is that really the preferred mentality?

How dare I have the audacity
To assert we have the capacity
To create solutions
That best meets the needs of everybody involved?
That’s the whole fucking point of the existence of these institutions!
Don’t we want these issues to be resolved,
So we can move on to the next problem to be solved?

How can we focus on innovation
Or competing with other nations
When we continue to deteriorate
Our exceptionalism with hate?
Why is it so dangerous
To accept
Change for us?
To respect
The validity
Of other people’s reality?

Our current state is divided
But how much better off
Would we all be-
Not just our country, but globally-
If we were united?
You may scoff,
But if you need an enemy,
Why can’t it be
Economic debilitation
And regression?
Why prefer stagnation?
Why is it so wrong to question?

Why is it so evil
To suggest we have a lifestyle shift?
Yes, there will be upheaval-
But that’s inevitable-
So why not uplift
Our collective,
Our community,
And our perspective
In the pursuit of unity,
Instead of pursuing the irreversibly regrettable?

Why is it more attractive to remain placated and sedated
Than to make decisions and take actions that are educated?
Because that’s how authority figures stay on top.
When will we demand that this rat race finally stop?
When will we take the best
Of what we have now
And improve on the rest?
What if we used the time spent debating who’s holier than thou
To actually fucking help people?
Why is it so damn controversial
To empower leaders who will represent
The wants and needs of their constituents?

Why do we
Vote for the fuckers who fuck us over?
Why don’t we choose
Someone who’s
Motivated by their values;
Who is willing to speak uncomfortable truths?
We have so much to gain
And so much to lose,
Depending on how we move forward.
If we can refrain
From squabbling over impossible undo’s,
What will we put our efforts toward?

What if we chose those
Who act in congruence
With what they promise
When they contend for immense influence?
What if we hold our leaders accountable to be honest?

What would our communities, our countries, our world look like
If we had a spike
In civic engagement?
Wouldn’t it be worth it, to feel the amazement
Of all we’ve accomplished by the days spent
Proactively demanding our government
Work for us?

What would our world look like if we elected leaders we could trust?
If we felt protected under
Our infrastructure?
If our foreign policy
Reflected what The People want to see?
Could you imagine how strong
Our country would be
If our citizens felt they belong,
And believed they have equality, justice, agency, and liberty?
If we were collectively
Motivated and empowered to contribute
Instead of feeling forsaken and destitute?
Could you imagine how life would be?
Could you imagine if this great shift was our legacy?

My heart is broken
For the brokenness of our systems;
But as more minds and opportunities open,
I believe we can fix them.

It will require honest self-awareness,
And examination of perceptual realities;
So that in all fairness,
We can attune the modalities
We use to enable our growth.
Left, right, neither, or both,
We are Americans.
We are human beings.
We all have the potential to be good samaritans;
Because we are all Earthlings.

Remembering that our factions
Are all interdependent sections of a greater totality,
Can help us to take actions
Toward a future I am hopeful we make a reality.

Written by

Writer of poetry, dark fiction, and social commentary; Reading and writing about the human experience.

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