Today is 4/20/2020;
And I would be remiss
If I were to not say
Something about Cannabis.

There are plenty
Of names for numerous strains,
But at the end of the day
They all stimulate the cannabinoid receptors in our brains.

I take a hit
And nod my head;
“That’s some good shit,”
Is what I said.

For those who participate,
Let us
The electric lettuce.

And for those of you
Who choose to not,
‘That’s cool too,’
Is what I’ve always thought.

Whether you smoke, vape, or bake,
Whether it’s only before bed,
Or as soon as you wake,
Uncertain times can fuck with your head.

People are dying.
Travel is halted;
Some are in quarantine,
Or they social distance;
Evoking our persistence
Amidst economic devastation
From COVID19.

Some are determined to see something else faulted
So they say scientists are lying,
And denying
That an organic mutation
Created this contagion;
While most are not even trying
To look at concrete evidence.
There will be suffering
If the public remains intentionally dense
During our collective recovering.
People will die unnecessarily if we are careless,
Because many people have an immune system that can bear less
Than those of us with the privilege of a body that is able.

I don’t want to tell you what to think, feel, or believe to be real.
I do want to ask if your data is stable.
What is the source and how do they measure?
Do you only read articles that cause you pleasure?
Is it peer-reviewed?
Is there a narrative that has misconstrued
The information for bias confirmation?
Is it replicable and demonstrable?
Every one of us is responsible
For the decisions we make
And the lives we put at stake;
Whether through direct contact or somewhere down the line.
Many do not have the luxury of believing
They will be fine.
Many people are sick and/or grieving;
Please look into the information you’re repeating
Before sharing or retweeting.

I am humbled and grateful
To have a backyard and a hammock,
Food and power in my home,
And to be able to work online;
While some people are desperately stuck,
And in decline.
A lot of people did not receive the relief stimulus.
A lot of people don’t know how they’ll get through this;
While our leaders squabble amongst themselves seeming clueless
To the consequences
Of how they do or do not act and what they say.
What pretenses
Are leading us astray
From enacting defenses
To reinforce our resilience today?

There’s a lot of things swirling around my mind;
A lot of questions with answers I am trying to find.
There is a whole lot of life to live,
And I have a whole lot of love to give.
Even in this time where a lot of circumstances are crappy,
I believe it is okay to seek and enjoy what makes you happy.
I hope you treat yourself and others gently;
I hope you are safe, well, and have a good 4/20.

Written by

Writer of poetry, dark fiction, and social commentary; Reading and writing about the human experience.

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