Feeling Shankful

H.M. Loving
3 min readApr 17, 2020

They say God created the world
In seven days.
Well, what a coincidence
How our love unfurled
In the same ways.
Gentle and intense;
Seemingly erroneously,
But it all makes sense;

Many incidents
That obliterated
And recreated
My entire perspective.
All of reality
Leading me
To this instance,
To be expressive
And reflective.

We rebuilt the universe
With our perception.
No need to rehearse,
You lead the first verse,
And I shall follow where you beckon,
Without exception.
I don’t reckon
I’ve witnessed such self control before.
An ultimate protection-
I didn’t realize I could ask for.
I wouldn’t change a single second
Of our week.
The actions we take,
The words we speak,
The consequences at stake,
Was nothing short of fucking perfection.
Touching infinity
In our finite grasp.
Secular divinity
Peering into me,
I gasp;
As you breathe life into what was once dead,
Mending the wounds from which I once bled.
Now vibrant in resurrection
Where the cold and formless clay did lay.
Now your breath,
A perfume so exquisite to steal mine away,
Fanning into and over me;
Ushering us in a new direction,
Conquering death.
With love and ecstasy
To be our legacy.

Our skin,
The earth;
Where only the bold
May birth
New opportunities;
Where young and old
Find their refuge in communities.

The slope of your shoulders,
Like mountaintops to explore.
Time surging forward,
Like boulders;
Crushing me
As I waited,
Impatience stinging
Through me like a sword.
Fire to my flesh as never before.
Our tears the rain
Of Which awe, joy, and pain

Our sweat,
Like well water,
Purifying and transforming;
Progressively hotter,
This is the only global warming
That I don’t regret.

Flash floods of saliva
Remind me I’m alive and
Rushing over the hillside dips
Of your hips.
Lavishing the lands,
Ravaging you with my hands.
Hearts racing
As our minds expand.

Nature’s bounty
As we’re tasting
The streams
Of cream
Flowing between
Our thighs.
Of surprised
Tearing open the skies
As lightning crackles beneath your fingertips,
As rainbows shimmer across your lips.

I see the spirit of Gaia dancing
When I look in your eyes.
Life abounds prancing
In spite of what death denies.
I find it a little odd
To have an atheist for a god;
To have a flawed
Spend the day with me,
Inventing our own short-hand
And very glad you didn’t leave me in Portland.

You create space
For all that I face,
Welcoming me to your place.
The moment is fleeting
Without a trace,
So we make haste
From our very first meeting.
Not an instant to waste,
Soothing my wounding with your grace.
Finally an entity
Capable of meaningful empathy.
Now I’m Twitterpated;
More like Twitter-elated
As I cling to these memories,
And craft greater fantasies
Of taking a chance with me
No matter how many
Are we.

We built our foundation
In relation
To all of creation
In one week.
We’ve climaxed many-a times,
But not yet peaked.
Now is the time
To accept your invitation,
To set aside the rhymes,
And settle into some relaxation.

Flesh and divine,
We intertwine,
In integration.
Nourish me with acid,
Gluten-free dairy-free mac n’ cheese,
And soup if you please;
The first drink of your whiskey
To establish dominance before getting frisky;
All paired with a temperament astonishingly placid,
With an excitable mind.
The meaning of life being
Whatever we’ve defined.
Exhilaration so freeing,
We leave their Old Testament behind.

I’m a polytheist
Blasphemous hedonist.
The ceiling I imposed on myself of glass is breaking
When you tell me we are fascinating
And one of a kind.

In the school of life,
Time is our tuition.
You want us to travel
And I want to be your wife.
Let our dreams together unravel
As we manifest them into fruition.

I don’t have to understand
Exactly who, when, why, and how,
Whether or not this was intentionally planned,
But every circumstance,
Situation, and chance
Lead us to right now.

Let us flourish
In worship.
And when we kiss,
Let all of consciousness
My atheistic god,
I’m and yours and you are mine.
Reality is ours to design.

Original watercolor pencil artwork by me, HM Loving.



H.M. Loving

Creative Entrepreneur. Writer of poetry, dark fiction, & my neurodivergent perspectives.