A man of ineffable quality,
A powerful entity
In my quest for authenticity;
Encompassing my sanity,
Indulging and checking my vanity-
Expanding and creating space for every me-
Those that snarl and flee,
Those gnarled and dancing with glee.

Seemingly trivial trinkets of information contain a hidden power;
I’m reminded how much of yourself you set aside when you’re here.
And for an instant we are peers.
The assumed illusion of social authority clears,
And unstructured connection appears;
And we are both human, with our preferences and fears.
For a moment I muse and ponder,
My mind wanders
And wonders
Of other ways we might get along.
I beam a content smile, feeling- in a small way- that I belong.
And it empowers
Even as simple as a mutual interest in Settlers of Catan.

We could go on and on,
Talking for theoretical hours
In a downpour of verbal showers,
Flooding and flowing,
Streams of consciousness expanding and growing;
If we stepped outside of the artificial construct of time,
Left the reality of physical logistics
And the laws of physics behind.

No pressure.
No rush.
Enough time that my thoughts don’t race as much.
Enough space to drift in any direction we are drawn
When the shadow flowers frantically forward
To chance a glimpse of conscious light’s dawn,
But alas, a moment is a moment.
I blink and it’s gone.
He ushers me in,
As we begin our hour again,
And it’s time to move on.

Written by Heather Marie Dawson 8–16–2018

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Image by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

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Writer of poetry, dark fiction, and social commentary; Reading and writing about the human experience.

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