You are a child of love.
None could possibly measure,
The depth and magnitude of which you are treasured.

You are a child of love.
There will be many challenges you face,
But nothing could ever erase
Your inherent value and worth.
You deserve joy as a right of birth.
You deserve to be blessed by the pleasures of this earth.
You deserve to be enraptured in mirth.

You are a child of love.
Nothing could ever blemish or tarnish
Your worthiness of love
Even if you make decisions that are regretful,
Even if there are times you are forgetful.

You will find
Your tribe where you belong.
You will find
You are incredibly strong.
You will find
Your life is a beautiful song
You will find
You have been by your side all along.

You are made by love and of love
It is encoded in your essence
You inspire and radiate love
Wherever you focus your presence

You are a child of love.
You have so many talents
Waiting to be revealed.
You’re learning to balance
Skills and lessons you’ll wield
When choosing a path to forge or follow.
You illumnate the darkness like the moon and stars
You’ll make a better tomorrow,
Today, by being exactly who you are.

Written 8/7/2020

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Photo by Aix Style on Unsplash

Writer of poetry, dark fiction, and social commentary; Reading and writing about the human experience.

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