Brown eyes,
Stable as a rock,
Frozen in shock;
Has the perfect talk
And a matching walk.
Brown eyes,
That have seen what’s around the block,
Brown eyes,
Nobody has what you’ve got.
Brown eyes,
Through wars you’ve fought.
Brown eyes,
Your sacrifice was not all for naught.
Brown eyes,
Reminding me of lessons I forgot.
Brown eyes
Revitalize my heart when it computes like a robot;
With lessons unintentionally taught.
Brown eyes,
Within you there is greatness many-a have sought.
Brown eyes,
I love you a lot.

Brown eyes
When did you last allow yourself to melt?
When did you last give yourself permission to fully experience what you felt;
To read the writing on the wall
That the universe spelt
With invisible ink?
Most of reality is not what we think,
But our thoughts determine if our reality swims, floats, or sinks.
If you fly or if you fall,
When life is grim, gloats, or stinks-
When you’re soaring above your highest peaks-
Brown eyes,
I wish I could better recognize
How your heart speaks,
So I could sing you a love song that always repeats:

I am here
For you.
I wish I could be near
To you
When the night is dark
I could be a star
A teeny spark
To be with you
Exactly where you are.
There’s nothing I need you to do.
I don’t need you to change,
Or be different in any way, too.
There’s nothing you need to rearrange
Or parts of you that you need to estrange.
You don’t need to transform into a new you.
But if ever there is not a single star
in sight,
No others to shine their light,
I won’t have to fear for you,
Be whatever destination it might.
Because it’s okay to be exactly where you are.
Even if that is in a state of fright.
It’s okay to only know what you knew.
If you only knew
What my brown eyes
See in you.
I might not always be perfectly punctual.
I might not be totally functional;
In my own right,
But just hold tight,
Brown eyes.

You don’t have to feel alone
Even when you’re on your own
Because I’ll be here waiting,
No pressure while I’m anticipating
The day we are together celebrating.
No, I don’t mind waiting,
I’ve got all the time in the world
To spend appreciating
All the circumstances and instances,
And how they swirled
Into this imperfect but very good person.
I love even your worst sins,
Because it is part of how your story begins.
This aversion to assertion,
I totally get it.
Far surpassed your limits of exertion-
You have worked yourself into the dirt, son.
This time isn’t your first one,
So I don’t mind
Leaving this moment’s reality behind
And letting our consciousnesses rewind
To the moment that defined
This need for stillness.
There’s nothing wrong with you-
It’s not an illness-
To need more than a single moment to feel this,
To find
Who we belong
With and to,
And embrace its validity and realness.

Close your brown eyes
And breathe.
I am with you
In the silence
You deserve the space to
Process all the vibrancy and violence
Because it does take time.
And that’s fine.
It’s more than okay
To just be where you are and stay
With whatever may
Or may not come your way.
When the static thrums,
When your soul feels numb,
When you turn to face what you’re running from,
When you’re soaking in the accomplishment of all you’ve overcome.
<deep inhaling and exhaling for 19 seconds>
Brown eyes,
You always surprise;
One of the safest relationships,
I’ve realized.

From all that I have learned from and about you,
I have surmised.
The many pieces of you deserve peace;
A safe container to release
Where the consequences are not a ravenous beast
Plowing its way to an all-you-can-eat-feast.
Brown eyes,
I know someday you will be freed,
(But I don’t want to implicate a need,
For you to be anywhere but here and now,
Because through your presence is how
We’ll succeed.)

Brown eyes,
For you I would make endless boxed sweets,
Because simply being with you-
Wherever you are-
Is a real treat.
Brown eyes,
Hard as a rock
Frozen in shock
Locked in a block
Of ice.
Breathe, my friend
What we have now will suffice.
You inspire me to feel again.
I wish I wasn’t too far to hold your hand,
So instead I hope these words might
Help you understand
In my head,
Where I am:
All living things must one day perish;
And I choose you to be one whom I cherish.
However you are
Whatever time of day-
Or night-
Even when we’re far
You can still know that
It’s okay if you choose to stay
Or choose to play
There is no answer that is wrong or right.
And nobody can steal all your options away.
Brown eyes,
So brave,
Bullied into how to behave,
But there is a piece that you saved
In ice;
from your external sacrifice;
Protected from the future we are inevitably drug through.
Now that future has encroached
It’s time to try a different approach
Instead of stuffing down and moving forward
To slowing down and moving inward,
Toward The pain
That persistently remains.
Brown eyes,
Warm as the sun,
A radiant star,
For the moment Frozen.

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