Spittin’ rhymes so sick,
It’s a good thing
We’re already under quarantine.

To me you’re like a brother.
I have not met another
Quite like you;
Willing to do
What you need to,
To pursue
What you value.

I admire your tenacity for life;
How you are willing to grow,
Acknowledging the reality of strife,
Collecting what you can learn,
And letting the rest go.

You’re empathetic and able to discern;
Cutting through the bullshit,
And mixing it into the compost;
Finding ways to benefit
What matters to you most.

You don’t allow your work to harden
Your heart;
Working on business, home, and garden,
Coupled with working smart.

Your mind is so bright;
Gentle, kind, excitable, and curious;
Blossoming with insight
And determination nearly impervious.

You are intentionally selective
With where, how, when, why, and with whom
You spend your time and energy.
You masterfully cultivate your perspective;
Nurturing your nature to an exquisite bloom;
Effective individually and in synergy.

I genuinely believe
You want others to succeed.
I am grateful to receive
Guidance from someone I trust to lead.

You grow
Some of the dankest weed.

I love that I feel safe enough to be silly;
To let you toss me over the staircase,
And lead adventures that thrill me.
You created space to give me a place
In your heart, home, and family.

I’m so enthused to celebrate
How great you are in this special date;
To say,
“Happy Birthday!
Miluju tě!”

(Miluju tě means “I love you” in Czech, which is one of the languages he grew up speaking.)

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These cakes were SO. GOOD.

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Writer of poetry, dark fiction, and social commentary; Reading and writing about the human experience.

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