I’m getting the fuck over you;
I’m following through,
Like you asked me to,
Like you said you wanted me to.
But do you realize you blew
Up almost every possibility
For me to be
Present for the promise we
Made together about the end of your life?
How am I to be there for the end of your life if we are no longer life partners?

You selected a path that takes you farther and farther
From mine;
Pushed me away and said I’d be fine;
But it’s not fair;
Because I am still committed to being there
In your final moments before an infinite goodbye;
Washing your sacred body and hair for the last time as a reverent act of worship before you die,
Will you choose her to replace me in that role too?
Will you not allow me the honor and privilege to hold you
As your final breath
Finally releases you to the painless abyss and endless stillness of death?
Will you allow me to fulfill this vow,
Even if I never figure out how
To get the fuck over you?
Even if our paths are separate
Up until the point that your existence is desperate
To separate;
And meet your fate?
I beg of you.
Please make me one promise you will never change your mind on;
Please gift me the opportunity to finish what I signed on;
Please, please don’t leave me behind on
This journey through existence
And deny me the sanctity of being included in your deliverance. …


H.M. Loving

Writer of poetry, dark fiction, and social commentary; Reading and writing about the human experience.

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